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Harlie Quinn

Ok I thought that I should have my own say before anyone else decideds to put their point off view across, Last year I joined BBW which was a backyard fed after being involed with that for a few months the Backyard fed had been changed into BCW. I was happy and also over the moon as i would get a chance to step into the squared circle well that was what i thought was going to happen but to my dissmay i relaized that my wrestling wasnt gonna be seen in a BCW ring any time soon. I went to a BCW meeting where I was told that none off the guys in BCW would be willing to wrestle me, from that moment on I knew BCW wasnt the place I wanted to be, Friends tried to convince me to stay with it but come on peeps how could I? 

A week later some awesome dudes heard about this while chattin to a few off my mates, and where sort off shocked to hear about my passion for this sport being crushed, no more than a few hours later I had a offer! A offer to go to XCWNI (yes backyard again, but come on before you start to judge lots of the great wreslters ie MICK FOLEY did backyard and also the likes off the younger guys the Hardy Boyz so dont knock it)

I honestly cant wait as i know that i have a match coming up very soon, very very soon!

So let me thank the guys at XCWNI for taking me on and training me! its has been a werid ride for me but one that i am sure i will en-joy!







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